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Ready to embrace beauty that truly represents you? Join us at NuMannequin Co. for a world of premium, realistic, and stunning mannequin heads designed to represent the diverse shades and hues of women of color. We're here to challenge the status quo in the beauty and hair industry. Get on board and be part of the change!

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“My name is Latarra Davis, and I’m a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur who’s on a mission to advocate for women of color in business and the beauty industry all day, everyday! Your girl is always finding her hands in different entrepreneurial and creative pursuits, with the latest venture being the Founder and CEO of NuMannequin Co. As a creator and advocate, I’m so excited to have a digital space where my work, muses, and advocacy can reside. If you want to learn more about me, go ahead and tap in below!”

More about me, the founder

Whoever said beauty is in the eye of the beholder wasn’t lying, but let’s be for real, true beauty deserves to be put on display. It demands a spotlight and above all, it calls for representation. NuMannequin Co. is an inclusive mannequin head brand designed to represent the melanated girls. The brand offers one-of-a-kind mannequin heads mirroring the diversity and slayage that is Black women.