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Whoever said beauty is in the eye of the beholder wasn’t lying, but let’s be for real, true beauty deserves to be put on display. It demands a spotlight and above all, it calls for representation. NuMannequin Co. is an inclusive mannequin head brand designed to represent the melanated girls. The brand offers one-of-a-kind mannequin heads mirroring the diversity and slayage that is Black women.

Black women are the largest consumers of wigs and weaves and beauty supplies stores have been a rite of passage for generations of Black girls, but one walk through the extensions aisle and you would never know. Traditional mannequins found at local beauty salons or even mainstream retailers have European features and carry only light skin tones.

Founder and CEO Latarra Davis launched NuMannequin Co. to shake the industry and set a new standard. A true Florida Native, Latarra was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and is now living in Miami, the art capital. As a creative, she’s always had an eye for design and beauty. She got her undergrad degree in Graphic Design and Media Arts at Southern New Hampshire University and recently secured her master’s at SCAD in Creative Business Leadership. Merging her gift of art and influence, Latarra was inspired by the cosmetic market’s emergence of broader shade ranges and her own experiences as a Black woman to successfully build a brand where darker skin tones are not an afterthought, but the whole conversation.



Breaking the traditional mold of convention, the Nummies are here to rightfully claim our space in the beauty industry. They are not just your average mannequin heads, but authentic symbols of inclusivity, pushing boundaries, provoking thoughts, and serving as a canvas that’s truly representative. Our mannequin heads don’t need to mimic an unrealistic ideal; they are an embodiment of real beauty. Round or slim face, small or broad nose, full or thin lips, each one tells its own story – your story – of strength, beauty, and resilience. Revel in all the magical shades of brown skin and Afrocentric facial features that present a broad spectrum of human beauty.

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Our melanated mannequins are designed to reflect your beauty, adding value, versatility, and color to the world. We celebrate diversity, ensuring everyone feels at home and represented. Welcome to NuMannequin Co, where it's all about the culture and embracing every shade and style.


At NuMannequin Co., we're on a mission to challenge beauty industry biases and celebrate Afrocentric beauty. With our mannequin heads, aka Nummies, in dozens of shades, women of all colors and features can envision themselves rocking wigs, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry — before they spend their coins. Join us in redefining beauty for everyone.


Representation isn’t just important; it’s a game-changer. For too long, the beauty industry has overlooked women of color. But guess what? You’ve found us, sis. NuMannequin Co. leads the way with diverse mannequin heads because we’ve always known that Black isn’t just beautiful; it’s a force to be reckoned with.